Moving Seniors
Caledon, Ontario, Canada
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Meet MY Team!

Now well into my third year of business  I am excited to be able to respond to the increasing demand of Seniors needing to downsize and relocate. It is essential to have a well trained team in place to allow us to meet our clients needs effectively and complete projects in a timely manner.

Regular staff development meetings help us perfect the DIVA model so that we ensure we are providing our Seniors and their families with the best client experience possible. I am pleased and proud to introduce my team to you:

Moving Seniors Team

Left to right: Lily, Karen, Brenda, Lisa, Joanne, Nadya

Now let's hear from the Divas!

"What I most enjoy about my job is the end result, that we have helped someone else live a happier and enjoyable life"

"Owning a Downsizing Diva franchise and having a team in place to assist Seniors and their families relocate allows me to use my years of experiences to live my passion....
de-cluttering, downsizing and helping Seniors.

"Everyday that I roll up my "Diva sleeves", I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction for having helped our seniors at a time that can be otherwise stressful and hectic!"

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